On March 18, 2017 my mom passed away, from that moment on I felt part of my business had died with her and had stopped working on my business for 2 months. Going through all the emotional grieving I couldn’t even come online…

So what did I do? I soon found that talking with my family wasn’t going to help so I turned to others for support and found it really helped me. Now I have decided to payitforward by starting a support group for other women who have lost a loved one…




Join Our Free Community! Healing Hugs For Your Broken Heart

Are you feeling like no one understands the pain your going through after losing a loved one? Let me help you receive support in knowing you don’t have to go through the pain alone. Just click the button below to join our free community where you will receive support and regain strength to get through your daily life!

All Roadblocks To Your Happiness Have Been Removed

Those that succeed with their own happiness don’t accept roadblocks. They overcome obstacles, learn from others and are relentless at finding the right road to happiness. The biggest roadblock of all is your own fear of failure.  We are here to tell you that your happiness is truly waiting for you. We are here to connect you with and share ideas and lead you down a path to happiness. If you feel pain or sadness in your life we can help, and just know you don’t have to go through it alone.


Donna Gain Wow!!!! You are an awesome and successful business woman and a person. I like that I can call someone like you a friend and a wonderful business woman and leader.
-Roberta Coffman

Roberta Coffman

Donna, I have learned so much from you! You care so much about the success of others and will do whatever it takes to help others succeed. I’m so glad I met you and am so grateful for everything you have done for me. Cheers!
– Michelle Grigsby

Michelle Grigsby

Donna Gain is the true definition of a leader! She is extremely inspirational with the way she puts her message out to the world. What I love about Donna is that she truly cares about each and every one of her business partners and each person she comes across. Reach out to Donna if you are looking for a coach and mentor who will guide you every step of the way to online success!
-Denise Pennington

Denise Pennington

Donna, it’s such a pleasure to work alongside you in the Internet Marketing Industry. Your intentions are pure and you have the amazing ability to be able to help other online entrepreneurs really take their business to the next level. Thank you for your help and support, you are a true leader, and I know that others who decide to contact you will be blown away by your support and knowledge in lead generation and sales closing areas of online businesses, as well as all other facets!
– Jess Keenan

Jess Keenan


April Marie Tucker

I promises to help you stay strong while going through your grieving process and offer support plus community of other women just like you, to regain your strength at your own time.

This free community is for women that have lost a loved on and feeling emotional pain, and know you don’t need to go through this pain alone. Join a group of women that are coming together to share their loss and offer support to others. It takes allot strength to deal with the loss of a loved one, with the out side world that doesn’t always understand the pain we go through.